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José Rocha
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I'm an Young Jury at Awwwards

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My Best Works

01 /11

01 /11

Academia Soshinkai

Creation of a website, visual identity, photography and a promocional video. Web and graphic design.

02 /11

02 /11

Facestore E-commerce

Front-End Development.

03 /11

03 /11

Tritacobre Metais LDA

Creation of a website.

04 /11

04 /11


UX/UI Design.

See the project

04 /11

05 /11


Some of my illustration projects.

06 /11

06 /11


Nice project.

07 /11

07 /11

Book Álvaro Bastos

I create the new book case for the writer Álvaro Bastos.

08 /11

08 /11

Alpha Productive

Web portal to help designers with some colors combinations. Cooming soon!

09 /11

09 /11

Pagination Projects

Check some of my paginations.

10 /11

10 /11

Others Creations

Just for design.

11 /11

11 /11


I also take photos! See some of then capted with my Canon.

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What people say

"First of all thank you for doing what you did for the academy and secondly to thank the excellent work developed for the creation of the site that was exemplary ... I am sure that you will succeed and you will be very successful not only by the person that you are but also for the pleasure and dedication that you show in your work."

Samuel Mota

Owner of Academia de Melres

"José is the perfect person to get a group project rolling, but he also knows how to sit back and let others take the lead. Has the capacity to disassemble a problem very well and manage the resolution time within the delivery dates. José is curious, combined with her willingness to take risks, leads me to believe there will be no limit to her growth and achievements in college and beyond.."

Ricardo Teixeira

Informatic engineer

"I had the pleasure of meeting a great young man, and I thank you for your affection and dedication that you gave in the realization of the cover of my new book "Stories with Love"

Álvaro Bastos

Writer with a big heart

Who i am?

Let's find

Speaking of my own is very complex to me, so i will speak briefly. Before I begin to speak about who I am today I want to say that it is difficult to say who we are certainly, The human is what he feels, what he lives and what he thinks. We always have something to add or change to our profile. Simply because we are people that are never completed. Without complexity I'll tell you who I am. I am a simple person, with life goals, confident of himself, a sincere guy who always tries to give his best, I leave my feelings and my heart take me in certain situations. I have always liked to think beyond things, so I can be calmer and have more head in certain situations that occur throughout life. I try to enjoy the time and be as happy as possible, for everything in life you must always have a bit of luck and for this you need to think positive. I try to do what i like and be with who i like because it makes me a happier person. I like to live every moment and enjoy it to the fullest, above all i like to think that i am happy in a simple way.